• Jurnal Desain Lingkungan Binaan Indonesia

    Jurnal Desain Lingkungan Binaan Indonesia media pengembangan dan akumulasi pengetahuan perancangan arsitektur atau perancangan lingkungan binaan lainnya. JDLBI menerima artikel laporan perancangan yang berisi pendekatan ataupun proses/langkah/metode penerapan pengetahuan dalam pengambilan keputusan perancangan. 

  • Jurnal Lingkungan Binaan Indonesia

    The Indonesian Built Environment Journal (Jurnal Lingkungan Binaan Indonesia - JLBI) is published by the Indonesian Association of Built Environment Researchers (Ikatan Peneliti Lingkungan Binaan Indonesia - IPLBI).

    Articles that can be submitted to JLBI fall into three categories:

    1. Research Report Article: 
      in the form of final report results from original research that contributes to new knowledge that is useful in policy development, planning, and design of the built environment.

    2. Discourse Articles:
      in the form of research or thought results, with an emphasis on criticism and/or discussion of objects, subjects, and statements about the object/subject based on the author's perspective.

    3. Research Method Article:
      contains a description or discussion of paradigms, approaches, data collection methods, data analysis methods, or specific research method problems, accompanied by examples.

    JLBI accepts scientific articles in the field of:

    • Landscape Architecture

    • Behavioral and Environmental Architecture

    • Management and Policy Development

    • Architectural Design

    • Urban Planning and Design

    • Regional and Rural Planning

    • Housing and Settlements

    • Building Science and Technology

    • History and Theory of Architecture/ City

    • Regional and City Infrastructure Systems

    • Other Fields in Built Environment Science

    ** editions before 2021 can be found on the link